CEO Kishore Khandavalli discusses the value we place on our employees and the importance of hiring and retaining the best technologists from across the globe. By hiring and keeping the best, we can deliver the best technology solutions for our clients.

iTech and SevenTablets CEO Kishore Khandavalli speaks at the 2015 USPAACC 30th Anniversary Gathering of the Eagles. Kishore discusses “Mindfulness over Mobility,” or staying connected by disconnecting from technology to nurture better relationships.

Kishore is passionate about iTech, our employees and our clients. He is also passionate about flying and in this video talks about how iTech can take employees and clients to new heights! As a Technology Solutions Company, we make a conscious effort to hire the best, work with the best and retain the best employees from across the globe. Which means we bring the best to our client’s technology projects.

iTech and SevenTablets CEO Kishore Khandavalli speaks at the 2014 USPAACC. Kishore discusses the generational differences due to rapidly changing technology, comparing how today’s digital native will be tomorrow’s digital adapter.